Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Every heart without Christ is a mission field, every heart with Christ is a missionary.
-David Kim

Active Missionaries

Steven & Merri Davis

Larry & Joyce George (Founders)  / Michael & Valerie Gay (Directors)

Serving as missionaries to Lithuania through Central Missionary Clearinghouse. They have 8 children named Logan, Joel, Lydia, Eleza, Natalie, Matthew, Samuel, and Eric.
Siloam Missionary Homes' goal is to provide a comfortable, tastefully decorated, completely furnished home for weary, tired and yes, at times, sick missionaries. Siloam wants to meet the need for missionaries to find refuge and rest, a place to be together as a family, and to be refreshed, renewed and ready for their return to serve the Lord in the region He called them to.

Join the mission

There are currently no missions trips scheduled.

At this time Bethel has no missions trips planned. That could change at any moment, so please keep our leadership and missions committee in your prayers as we seek the Lord's will as to when and where we should serve. Please check back often for potential updates on service opportunities. 

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